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How to Make Your Kitchen Look Like New on a Budget

How to Make Your Kitchen Look Like New on a Budget

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If you’re using the kitchen as much as the average person, you’ll quickly start to notice that certain areas start to look tired really quickly even if you’re really fastidious with the housework.

As well as equipment and items starting to fail through wear and tear, trends change and what may have once been a top trending kitchen design could now be looking dated and not somewhere you want to invite friends and family around to eat in the evening.

A completely new kitchen is expensive. As well as cabinets and countertops, there’ll be tiling, probably plumbing and wiring work and a new floor – this can easily run into a few thousands.

A good way to give a kitchen a great makeover on a budget and to amaze everyone when they walk back into it for the first time is to concentrate on the kitchen units, cabinets and countertops as there are ways to change the way they look for the fraction of the cost of replacing them.

Changing doors

A fantastic way to change the whole look of a kitchen and for visitors to think you’ve splashed out on a replacement designer kitchen is to replace the doors of your existing kitchen cabinets and cabinets.

Unless the existing ones were hand made to a specific custom size and don’t follow standard sizes, then you have the opportunity to change any door to one which will fits just as well as the ones you’re disposing of and buy these from any hardware store. They are available in a range of sizes to fit all standard brands and you can then finish with new door handle knobs made from any kind of metal or even handmade and hand painted ones for a really unique look.  Google “Kitchens Surrey” to see a vast selection of custom doors.

You can also use cupboard paint to create a number of different looks and styles; sleek and modern or distressed or Shaker style – particularly popular at the moment. There is paint available in every colour from dark jewel shades through to country cottage duck egg blue. They can be painted straight onto the wood or lightly sanded down to show the colour underneath.


Replacing countertops is a fairly straightforward job and they are often available as end of line items at DIY stores when they are changing their ranges. 

The key to changing a countertop is careful measuring and then steadily cutting them so items such as sinks fit in again. Use professional level tools for the job and ask for help if not sure how to use them as power tools must always be used safely.

Changing your kitchen doesn’t have to cost a great deal of money and in fact if you register for your local area of Freecycle, you could hit it really lucky with someone wanting to dispose of a whole kitchen full of cabinets and countertops as they are having a new one installed. This would give you a completely new kitchen for free and you can then redesign it just the way you want it to look.

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