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How to Make Your Home's Front Porch Draw Buyers In

How to Make Your Home's Front Porch Draw Buyers In

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The front porch of a home is one of the first things that is seen by anyone who pulls up out front and is the welcoming point of the home’s exterior before a person steps inside it. Your front porch needs to make a good impression and invite people in. All of these qualities of a home’s front porch are magnified when the home is on the market and under the constant scrutiny of its visitors coming to see what there is to be offered. With the proper styling and finishing touches, your home’s front porch can wow every potential buyer that comes its way. 

An Attention-Getting Outdoor Rug or Welcome Mat

Courteous guests look for a place to wipe their feet before entering someone’s home anyway, so you might as well provide them with a way to do so in a manner that is not boring. Find a doormat that is both durable and has an aesthetically-pleasing design or color that ties in with the look of your home’s exterior. Or, if your porch is larger, get an outdoor rug to do the same while covering a larger piece of floor space. Avoid leaving too much of your porch’s floor space bare and looking unfinished or giving your porch an uninviting feel.  

Well-Kept Potted Plants or Flowers

When selling your home, your yard should be well-landscaped and maintained, but you can’t forget about giving your front porch its share of outdoor appeal either. Place a pot on either side of your front door for a symmetrical look or hang a wall planter to add some greenery or the pops of color from blooming flowers to your front porch. These options provide your porch with a nice touch of life and some more substance to be seen by buyers and allows the buyers to have already established a positive first impression of the home before having even ventured inside.  

A Comfortable Place to Sit

Even if someone is not actually going to be spending time sitting on your front porch during their visit to your home, the sight of a cushioned chair or bench forms an instant sense of comfort and welcomeness in their mind. An outdoor throw pillow on the seat can also add some more dimension. Some form of seating included on your front porch keeps the home’s entry from giving off a vibe too stiff or formal and makes the home look like a place that has multiple spaces the owners enjoy living in. 

Functional Exterior Lighting and Clear House Numbers  

Your home’s front porch should certainly be inviting to buyers in the way that it is decorated, but it also needs to be inviting to them in that it makes your house easy to find and then see as they approach it on foot. Make sure that all of your home’s exterior lighting (primarily that on and around the front porch) is working properly, and if not, replace it. Also be sure that the street number of your home’s address can be seen somewhere in the general vicinity of your front porch, and that if it is dark outside, the street number is in a place where it will be well-lit and where it will be easily seen by buyers.

A Generally Clean and Tidy Appearance

Overall, your home’s front porch should be neat. (Even when it comes to decorating it, avoid going overboard and making it appear too crowded or fussy.) Give your door a fresh coat of paint, and give any trim, siding, or flooring the touch ups that it needs. Always have the windows around or in the door itself sparkling clean and blow away any leaves that have gathered or cobwebs that may have formed. Your front porch should be clean and tidy as it serves its purpose as your home’s point of entry for its potential buyers. 

In order to sell a house, you must convince a buyer that the house could perfectly become their home if they were to purchase it and move in. A simple way to do just this is by using your front porch to welcome them inside. Tidy up the space and add a few elements of design to impress buyers and draw them in. 

Contributor’s Bio: Clarissa is a home & garden and interior design enthusiast. By day, she is the proud owner of a residential cleaning company. Clarissa enjoys researching design trends, home staging, and is passionate about green living. When not working, Clarissa can be found with her family in their home just outside of Nashville, TN.

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