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How to Achieve Your Goals This Year

How to Achieve Your Goals This Year

How to Achieve Your Goals This Year :: Staged4more School of Home Staging

Hey there, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It's the first week of the year, and you are super pumped, still coming off the high of the new year. You downloaded our Goal Setting Planner last week, you had written down your word and can't wait to get started on your goals this year.

Here is the thing, the goal setting part was the easy part. Now the hard work begins. You've gotta execute! Here are a few pro tips on helping you achieve your goals:

1. Write down your goals, put them somewhere visible where you can see them every day.

I will be the first one to admit that I don't have the best memory, so I heavily rely on tools that help me remember things. I am also a visual person. If I don't physically see my to-do list, I simply can't remember what needs to get done. So it's important to me that I write my goals down and put them somewhere visible where I can see every day, like my journal. 

2. Break down your goals into smaller, more achievable milestones

Let's face it. A Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) is rad, but it can be difficult to get it all done at once. Like that saying "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.", you will need to break your goals down into smaller, realistic and achievable action steps/ milestones.

Here is an example, say you want to hit 6-figure this year. You set a goal to make $100,000 in gross revenue. There are 12 months a year, so that means you need to take in $8,334 per month. If your home staging project averages at $2,500 per job, that means doing four jobs per month. Once you have that number in mind, you can take actions to work toward booking four jobs per month. I also find goal much easier to achieve once I have a tangible number to work towards it.

Here is a previous post on 50 ways to generate income for home stagers.

3. Hold yourself accountable by enlisting help from friends and family

You can get an accountability buddy. Both of you tell each other your goals and make the commitment to each other to meet (in person or online, or via phone) and check in with each other on each other's progress.

I do a lot of writing nowadays, which can be a lonely process. I started joining groups where I can co-work virtually. What we do is we hop on a web meeting program, before each session, we talk about what we want to accomplish that day. Once that goal has been set, everyone works on their own, and then join back in in the end to share their progress. It may sound silly, but it does work. Having someone there (even silently) can be very beneficial with your productivity and goals.

4. Remind yourself throughout the year

I found that most people (myself included) drop off after a month or two on their new year resolutions. Why? Because they simply forgot about it. This is why with the Goal Setting Planner, I had accountability built in where everyone who had signed up will get an email reminder every 90 days this year. You can set a reminder on your calendar periodically to remind yourself of your goals. It's a great way to remind yourself and re-evaluate if you are on track.

5. Review & adjust

Like any system, you should constantly review your results and adjust your goals accordingly. Because circumstances may change, or you've made X progress and realized that you may need to tweak your goals, etc. Things do happen. It's important to be flexible (and forgiving, not letting the guilt kick in) with your goals and adjust when needed.

6. Don't have five million goals

You really just need three to five. Even if you just achieve one at the end of the year, that is still significant progress than 12 months ago when you didn't do anything. It's easy to set goals and intentions, but the real work is in the execution of your ideas. 

Having too many goals will also overwhelm you easily, so just keep it simple. Have three to five top goals you want to achieve this year is plenty to do.

7. Leverage technology

I have a simple productivity app on my phone called "Done." It is just a list of habits I am trying to build every day. I check the app throughout the day to make sure I am on track to finish my goals every day.

They are not huge goals. They are just simple goals, like studying French with Duolingo, schedule 1 Instagram postuse Pinterest for 5 minutes, journal, etc. 

Here is a screenshot of what my daily Pinterest task looks like in the Done App:

Staged4more Pinterest Goals in Done App // Blog post: How to Achieve Your Goals This Year // Staged4more School of Home Staging

Take Pinterest as an example. Since November 3, I had been pinning on our Pinterest account every day for five minutes. We started with 7,976 Monthly Viewers and had grown to 131,218 Monthly Viewers in just two months. And all it took was five to ten minutes a day.

Staged4more Pinterest Growth for 60 Days with 5 Minutes of Pinning Everyday for 60 Days  // Blog post: How to Achieve Your Goals This Year // Staged4more School of Home Staging

This biggest lesson I have learned through this experience is that a small daily action can have big results. It is like farming, you plant the seeds, add TLC consistently, tweak any issues like bugs, etc., with a bit of patience and time, you will see results and enjoy the fruits of your work.

8. Tell everyone your goals

Peer pressure is terrible, but you can leverage that for good use. By publishing my goals publicly, it adds a layer of accountability for me to accomplish these goals. So on January 1st, I published the four areas I would like to work on this year on Instagram

You can click on the post and see what I had posted as my four major areas to work on this year. After I posted them, I broke the goals down in my journal and set up milestones to hit for each of them.

HOW TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS THIS YEAR  // Blog post: How to Achieve Your Goals This Year // Staged4more School of Home Staging

3 Common Reasons Why People Don't Finish Their Goals

1. The goals set were unrealistic, too vague and impossible to achieve

For your goals to be effective, they have to be achievable and tangible. A big goal is great but can be impossible to achieve. Anyone can say "Hey, I want to have a million$ business." But is it achievable in a year? How many projects will you have to do to hit that goal?

Of, if your goal is too vague, it can be difficult to make it happen simply because you haven't defined it. For example, "I want a successful business." But what is your definition of success? To some, it is to work part-time, so they can spend time with their children. For some, that means a 6-figure or 7-figure business. So clarify your goals with tangible results. It will also make it easier for you to break it down further into milestones and action steps.

2. Self-limiting beliefs & negativity crept in

I just finished a podcast interview with an entrepreneur coach (yes, we are coming back! New episode starts January 16! ❤️) where we talked about self-limiting beliefs. They are things like the imposter syndrome, fear of rejection, fear of failure and even fear of success. Beliefs like these can prevent you from living the life you want and charging your worth. 

When you feel that these types of thoughts are appearing in your mind, jot them down and recognize them. Observe the patterns and when they emerge. By simply bringing self-awareness to this, you can start breaking them down and eliminate them.

3. You felt discouraged from the guilt of not hitting your goals

Progress not Perfection Quote // Blog post: How to Achieve Your Goals This Year // Staged4more School of Home Staging

This is very common, and I too, am guilty of it. A lot of times, I listed out everything I want to accomplish and often overloaded myself. Then, at the end of the day, I didn't check off everything I wanted to do, I felt disappointed and feeling useless. Remember, it's about progress, not perfection. Cut yourself some slack if you didn't get everything done, as long as you've made progress. Focus on the win, not what can be done tomorrow.

If you haven't downloaded our Goal Setting Planner, do it here. Accountability is also built in! You will get an email every 90 days this year to see where you are on your goals and if you need some additional support.

3 Reasons Why People Don't Finish Their Goals // Blog post: How to Achieve Your Goals This Year // Staged4more School of Home Staging

What are your new year resolutions this year? How will you accomplish your goals? Tell me in the Comment section below 👇.

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