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Home Tones: Going Gaga Over Green

Home Tones: Going Gaga Over Green

Every year, home owners like to change up the interior design style of their house to reflect the trends of the time. With so much emphasis on energy efficiency, renewable living and the environment lately, it seems like the “go green” concept has become not only a social movement, but a design fad. There’s never been a better time to bust out the paint buckets and rollers and get with the green-frenzy. Decide on tones, grab some help from your friends and start getting your home ready for a fresh new 2013.

Ultramarine Green

A gigantic aquarium in your living room is great for ocean fans, but all of the planning and upkeep just might not be worth the hassle. Instead, go with an ocean theme, and use aquamarine tones to paint cabinets, wall sections, or to use as window treatment themes for your shades. You can accessorize your house with all kinds of sea-related imagery such as seashells, coral reef parts, sea glass and starfish. Buy mirrors and deck them out in green and blue buttons, sea glass and bottle caps to give a rustic, stranded-island feel. Hang the mirrors on your wall to compliment your new ocean-themed room.


If you’re going for fun this coming year, try Spring-inspired chartreuse. It’s bright, upbeat tone makes it the perfect candidate for those looking to have an open, airy, welcoming vibe. Using chartreuse on selected wall panels in your foyer, kitchen and living room will send guests a very welcoming message, making them eager to spend time in your home. Using it on concrete walls alongside your garden can be a perfect compliment to your greenery.


While aquamarine has more of a turquoise tone, jade is a bit on the lighter end. This relaxing, mint-resembling type of green looks great with white, brown, blue, cream and gray. Houzz recommends using jade in bathrooms or spas for a cool, soothing and sophisticated look. Your guests will be sure to feel enchanted when entering your elegant jade palace for some laid-back lounging. You can also incorporate the color around your Zen garden. The way it can shine among those dark chocolate browns, onyx and and deep greens can be magical.

Army Green

Army green is fun as it can evoke feelings of national pride and also be used as a way to make your house look earthy, daring and jungle-like. Go for an army green bedroom theme with dark greens, dark browns and tans. A few grays and whites will contribute nice touches to the theme as well. An army green headboard alongside a tan wall, with green and brown bedding can look fun and camouflaged while also sophisticated and classy.


Olive is warm and fresh, as well as deep and exotic. Something unique about olive is its ability to look mysterious while still having a cool, fun light-heartedness to it. You have our permission to go crazy with this color in your home. Create a swingin’ lounge atmosphere by painting selected living room walls olive, while giving your cabinets a cream color. This look goes great with a wide variety of styles, especially wooden floors and steel kitchen surfaces. You may even be inspired to shake up some martinis for your guests. 2013 is sure to be the “Year of the Olive!”

These ideas for adding touches of green to your home should give you a good start. We encourage you to go green in both interior design and development, and show your guests that being earth friendly can also mean being artistic and creative. There’s no better way to liven up your house than with the color that resembles life itself.

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