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After a successful, 12+ years run as a home staging company in San Francisco Bay Area, STAGED4MORE is now an online school that focuses on home staging education for home stagers, home sellers and real estate agents.

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New Year, New Podcast Format!

New Year, New Podcast Format!

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Hi everyone, 

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm super excited to kick off the new year with a big announcement about our podcast: we are going live!

This is something that I am trying out for 2018. I decided to try a webcast format where you can attend our interviews live for the recording session. The podcast will still be released on iTunes as an audio podcast, but now you will also have video replays in the show notes!

In additions to the webcasts, I'm also posting the list of experts guests now so you can submit your questions before the show. This way, I will incorporate your questions for the interview.

Of course, you can also ask questions during the interviews via the chat box. But due to the guests' availability, we may or may not have time for all of your questions.

I'm still in the process of lining up rest of the season, but here are the six expert guests who already confirmed and will be recording in the next couple weeks.


Leave a comment below and state your question(s).

***Since there are multiple expert guests listed, make sure you note who the question is for!

I will do my best to incorporate all the questions submitted for the interviews, but it is not guaranteed that your question will be asked during the interview because of time restrictions.

Season 7 Line Up

Amy Powers

amy powers.jpg

Amy Powers is the owner of Ask For Staging, LLC, an Atlanta Home Staging company focusing on target demographic research to better understand what will attract the most likely buyers faster. Since 2007, Amy has successfully communicated the value of home staging to real estate agents and home sellers. To find out more about Amy, you can visit her website here.

On this episode, I will be interviewing Amy about target demographic and psychographics, as well as educating agents on the value of home staging.

Register for our live interview: FRIDAY, FEB 2 at 12pm, PST.

Bobbie McGrath


Bobbie McGrath is a national award winning home stager, international trainer, speaker and co-author of Amazon’s best selling book, “Home Staging: The Power That Sells Real Estate”. Bobbie was voted by her international peers as one of the Top Ten Occupied Home Stagers in America in both 2015 and 2016. She has been recognized as “Best of HOUZZ” for customer service and design in 2015, 2016, and again in 2017. Bringing her expertise to the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area has raised the expectations of the home buying public!

To learn more about Bobbie and her business, visit her website here.

On this episode, we will be chatting about business models for home stagers, as well as doing consultations and occupied homes.

The registration for this event is now closed since the interview had taken place.

Fred Berns

fred burns.jpg

As one of the biggest names in the business of interior design, Fred Berns speaks at design conferences and other events throughout the U.S. and around the world. He also develops sales and marketing programs for international franchise organizations and companies within the interior design industry, and trains manufacturers, retailers, and others on how to increase sales to design professionals.

Fred focuses in his keynote speeches and seminars on how designers, kitchen and bath specialists, window fashion experts and other professionals can dramatically increase sales, and market themselves more effectively.

On this particular podcast episode, I will be interviewing Fred about running a design business, how to promote and sell yourself and marketing strategies for home staging professionals. For more information about Fred, you can visit his website here.

The interview is already recorded. Registration for this webcast is now closed.

Pam Christensen

Pam Christensen.jpg

Pam started her staging business in 2007, when many of those int he real estate industry were closing due to the state of the market. Pam leveraged her eye for design, marketing background and real estate investing experience, to help fellow investors sell their properties at top dollar. Pam has grown her business from a single storage unit and rented truck, to a premier staging company staffed with talented designers that stage over 300 homes a year.

Staging for Charisma's homes are under contract in 7 days or less and for thousands over asking price. Pam is well known as an expert in the Seattle area staging community, hosting her own radio show for 7 years and as a featured columnist for the local REAPS (Real Estate Professionals of Puget Sound) newsletter. As a speaker, trainer and mentor to stagers and Relators in the Puget Sound area, Pam is committed to the continuing improvement of the home staging industry.

If you want to find out more about Pam, visit her website here.

On this particular episode, we will be discussing inventory for home stagers and how to organize and store your inventory.

The interview is already recorded. Registration for this webcast is now closed.

Nicole Hamilton

Nicole Hamilton.png

Nicole is the founder of Homeownering, a company dedicated to helping homeowners have great financial outcomes. Nicole launched Homeownering to give home owners and home buyers more sophisticated insight into the potential real estate outcome of what is often their biggest asset, their home. Homeownering gives home buyers and homeowners tools to get independent insight into home equity, home improvement, and home financing, and launched a comprehensive guide to homeownership in 2017.

You can find out more about Nicole on her website here.

The interview is already recorded. Registration for this webcast is now closed.

Cindy Lin (your host!)

I will be doing a wrap up show at the end of the season to wrap up and answer any questions that may have not been asked or answered during the season. Registration will be opened last once we've scheduled all the interviews for the season.

There are still a few more quests who have not yet confirmed. We will be updating the list as they confirm. So check back for upcoming recording dates and link information! I'm so excited to try out this new format!

Don't forget, if you have questions for our guests and want to submit them in advanced, do so in the COMMENT section below.



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