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Hassle Free: How to Easily Sell Your Home

Hassle Free: How to Easily Sell Your Home

Selling a home isn’t as easy as it seems. You can’t just put up a “For Sale” sign and just wait for buyers to come to you. There is much to know and do when selling a home. You undergo a whole lot of process, from finding the proper agent fit for the task to doing site visits and negotiating with potential buyers.

Moreover, the entire process of selling a home takes up a lot of time and effort on the part of the seller. It can also be emotionally challenging because of the different problems that can surface during the negotiation process.

Buyers, who you’ve never known your entire life, will come to your house and check every single part of it. It will feel like opening your private life to someone you’ve just recently met. They can and will be able to criticize not just the place you call your home, but also you as a person. 

These buyers won’t be able to understand what have become more than just four concrete walls to you, and sometimes they will even offer you less money than what you think is the real value of your home.

Sellers who are inexperienced with the whole selling process of a home will experience the complexities of it. Moreover, it is very likely that new vendors will make a lot of mistakes. However, equipping yourself with the right knowledge and background of the whole transaction can lessen the chances of making mistakes. 

The Price is Right

One of the things you need to do when fixing the price of your house is research the local market inside out. You can also get valuations from your real estate agents, and don't go for the highest price. Take note that if the price is set too high, many buyers may stay away. 

Create Positive & Lasting First Impressions

Buyers’ first impressions usually add to the possibility of getting your house sold. The best thing to do is to make significant ways to gain a good first impression. It could mean you have to clean and declutter your home.

It is better to take down excessive pieces of furniture, religious items, and family photos so that potential buyers can envision themselves in the house. You can also do small updates, such as planting flowers, replace the damaged mailbox or painting the front door; it adds up to the right impression and entices buyers to purchase your house.

You can also add new fixtures and update landscaping to adjust to the current market style and condition. You are more likely to sell your property quicker and make it look more valuable if you prepare and turn it into something attractive.

Easy Showings

It is favorable to show your homes for today's buyers. You want to present your home so that you can get more visits from potential buyers. Also, the more prepared you are about open houses, the more people will be interested in making an offer on your home.

With private showings, there is no particular time for buyers to come, they may visit during the morning, in the afternoon, or at night and on weekends without notice. You must be ready whenever they unexpectedly come. So, you must always prepare your house. This is why we recommend sellers to have checklists handy to get them ready in a pinch without panic. We have some in our shop.

It is also better to leave the house or stay out of the house whenever the house is shown to potential buyers so they can move freely around without being awkward or uneasy. However, it still depends on the site visit arrangement of your agent and the buyers. 

Do Good Marketing

One of the ways to increase the chances of selling your home is to showcase your house by listing it on all major online portals. Though this may be the work of your agent, it’s better to double check that your listing is live on different online portals. 

Real estate agents and brokages have social media sites and websites where they share listings. Make sure that their listings feature your house. You can share your listing on your social media as well.

Make It Better

Photos of your house in the listings should be of high quality and enticing since buyers often search online and decide which house they want to visit based on the photos they see. 

Having good quality pictures in the listings is a crucial part of advertising and marketing your home. Moreover, the pictures in the listings can also include nearby dining, shopping, and recreation areas to give buyers the feel of what it's like to be in your neighborhood. 

In Conclusion

There may be a lot of things to work on when selling your home. Moreover, there may be challenges and struggles along the way, but preparing everything that needs to be ready can help lessen the risk of not being able to sell your house.

It is always best to prepare financially, emotionally, and mentally when doing this process because it is not just plainly selling some stuff. Rather, it is selling something worth more than just four concrete walls and a roof; it has the value of years of experience and memories you gained from it.

Author Bio: Earl Jonathan Tech is the founder of PrintMeister, an online print marketing and advertising company in Australia focusing on printing business cards and alike. Earl spends most of his time providing print and merchandising solutions to clients.

Photo credit: Stephen Di Donato

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