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How to Hang Artwork in Awkward Spaces

How to Hang Artwork in Awkward Spaces

Hey, did you guys know that there is a discussion group that goes with our podcast? (It’s free to join!) One of our group members Connie asked:

“I’d love some ideas on how to hang art on a wall that is not the same length as the furniture and has an ugly intake vent in full view! The kitchen counter starts and the lower part of the wall continues. Very awkward!”

Here is a photo Connie had posted:

Awkward spaces are well, awkward. And it can be difficult to place decorative accessories or artwork. I see a lot of homeowners get stuck with this, and they usually end up with nothing on the wall because they are not sure what to put there.

My usual recommendation is to play with different placements. You can cut out paper template and put them on the walls and see what you can do to balance out these tricky spots that you have. The mock-ups here are pretty basic, but you get the idea. The white space is the kitchen counter.

You don’t have to do all the same size of art either. Play with shape and size. But basically you want to play with scale (how your artwork relates to the space and the furniture around it) and see if you can achieve balance.

For the wall on the other side, where there is a vent on the wall. Here is a mock-up of my suggestion. The white space in the photo on the right is the vent. (By the way, these are not drawn to scale.)

I know there is a big old vent on the wall and it is unsightly, but it is part of the house. It’s not like you can plug it up. I would recommend hanging your artwork or decorative accessories up as usual, but to the scale of wall and the furnishing around it.

I know there are installers who are very exact, but for me, I generally eyeball everything when I hang artwork. On job site, it can get pretty tricky with all the chaos. But I generally bring a variety of artwork in different sizes, especially if there are weird spots like this.

The other suggestion is to get decorative vent cover for your wall. There are lots of cool options nowadays you can find on the internet. Here is also a creative & DIY solution that I’ve found online where you can spray paint and use a door mat to cover the vent hole. Pretty cool, right? This is more suitable if you don't have anything competing with it on the walls. If it's along in a corner, this cover idea will be great and decorative.

In this particular case, you can also see if you can paint the cover in the same color of the wall. This way, it's a bit more subtle and hidden. The cover also won't compete with any artwork you've hung below.

(Photo courtesy of buzzfeed, click on the link to check out the tutorial)


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