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Don’t Forget About Your Exteriors

Don’t Forget About Your Exteriors

We talk a lot on this blog about making the interior of your home sparkle with various forms of furniture, color, design choices, and more, but if you are trying to get a house to look its best, you don’t want to overlook the exterior. It’s your chance for your home to make a great first impression! Take the time to consider these 4 easy areas where you can add a little bit of character and extra functionality for everyone to see right away.


The door of your home need to be welcoming, but that doesn’t mean they cant’ be interesting. From color to wood grain and frames to hinges, there are plenty of details you can add to something so simple to really make it impressive and have people excited about seeing what’s waiting inside. 

A great idea is to play with an industrial feel, and get the long-lasting, secure benefits of hollow metal doors and frames that are usually deployed in commercial projects. Just like we covered in this previous post, steel is a sensible choice in today’s homes because of it’s durability, cost-effectiveness, and sleek modern look—there’s no reason you couldn’t bring all these benefits to your front porch as well with metal door frames.


More than anything else, the paint you choose for the exterior of your home will set the tone for any other choices. Think about the style of home that you have, the climate you live in, and the mood you want to put people in as they’re walking up your driveway. All of these should factor into your final choice of color for the outside of your home. If you feel completely lost, you can consult a detailed overview of what different colors have to offer, like this guide from the experts at Southern Living.


Patio furniture will really depend on the climate you live in. If it’s nice most of the year, it can be worth it to invest in some very comfortable, inviting pieces to show people just how much they’ll get out of an outdoor living space. But, just because you live somewhere cold doesn’t mean you should leave the patio or backyard bare. Think about turning someone else’s junk into your treasure with old rustic or industrial benches (depending on the style of your home) and maybe even some great shelving to keep a few decorative items or the last big component: plants.


A lush garden is just about the best selling point for any home, but if that’s not possible, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still put a little bit of life around the outside of your house. What’s more, if you lack a green thumb all together, you can follow this great advice from Gardening Knowhow on how to acclimate your indoor plants to the outside. Keeping you out of the dirt and mud, but still giving your exterior some much needed nature.

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