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Design Your Fabulous Future With Lara Young

Design Your Fabulous Future With Lara Young

Hi guys, welcome back to the Home Staging Show, where we talk about all things real estate, home staging and styling your home to live or to sell. I hope you had enjoyed the last episode with Laura Gaskill on mindful clutter clearing, the first part of our 3-part series on Mindset. On today’s show, I interviewed Lara Young, who’s an expert on goal setting, setting your intentions and designing the fabulous life that you want.

Lara’s a life and business architect for women just like you. Her specialty is creating systems and processes that fail-proof your fabulous future. She believes that the power is within you, it always has been – she’s really good at bringing it to light. And after today’s interview, I really agree with that as well. During her 20+ years of experience as a change manager, retreat facilitator and life + business transition coach, she has helped more than 2000 people transform their lives. She had researched the four pillars of resilience and created programs to help people to define and live lives they could only dream were possible. She has qualifications in the Law of Attraction, Neuro-linguistic Programming, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). In her work, she also incorporates Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy for good measure.

I’m really excited about today’s show because Lara had shared some really great and easy to do techniques that’re really going to help you shifting your mindset and get things done. I know the process of home staging and getting your home ready can be very overwhelming and a lot of times, life just gets in the way and you can’t do everything you had set out to do. Lara had given some great steps in this episode about setting the right goals and attaching to actions to your intentions so that you’ll get things done. Lara had covered a lot in this episode and I actually listened to the episode twice when I was editing so I was able to take down a lot of notes for the worksheet, that you’ll be able to download on the show notes.

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And just a quick announcement about next month’s podcast and our home staging blog. Next month is Valentine’s day, so we are giving a lot of love to your home by working on various projects for your home, also so that you’ll be able to start getting the house ready if you’re planning to sell in March, or simply enjoy the refresh. So stay tuned for more updates on the Project Home challenge as the date gets closer.


  • How to create the structure to avoid self-sabotage

  • How to recognize self-sabotage

  • How self-sabotage can unconsciously kick in and get in the way of your goals

  • How can you recognize self-sabotage even when you’re not aware that you’re sabotaging your own life

  • Gain clarity about your life

  • Alignment of your values, beliefs and actions

  • Establishing morning and evening rituals to eliminate self-sabotage

  • How to unravel the resistance

  • Research has shown that people who write down their goals are 87% more likely to achieve them.

  • What to do when you encounter resistance

  • How impactful practicing gratitude will be for your goal setting and manifesting the things you want

  • How to set your goals

  • How law of attraction works

  • How to set your intention

  • Louise Hay

  • What’s affirmation

  • How to write affirmations

  • ”Thank you, thank you, thank you”

  • Create positive mantras that’ll attract positive notions

  • Action trumps intention

  • How to get unstuck

  • The biggest missing piece when people set goals that cause them to fail

  • Importance of value based words

  • Separate what you actually want vs. what people or external environments want for you

  • How to release yourself from guilt for not accomplishing your goals

  • What is clarity and how you can find clarity in your life

  • Wheel of life


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Download Lara’s top tips from this episode to design your fabulous future by accessing our resource library 👇

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