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Buyer Demographics and Psychographics with Amy Powers | The Home Staging Show S7.4

Buyer Demographics and Psychographics with Amy Powers | The Home Staging Show S7.4

Buyer Demographics and Psychographics with Amy Powers | The Home Staging Show S7.4

Welcome Back to Season 7 Episode 4!

Hey, Happy New Year for those of you who celebrate the Lunar New Year! I want to wish you a very happy and prosperous new year!

On today's show, I'm interviewing Amy Powers about buyer's demographics and psychographics. This is an important step in researching what kind of buyers you should be targeting. This kind of research will help you determine how you stage the house, what type of home furnishing and home accessories to choose in order to appeal to the buyers' lifestyle.

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About Amy

Amy Powers is the owner of Ask For Staging, LLC, an Atlanta Home Staging company focusing on target demographic research to better understand what will attract the most likely buyer faster. Since 2007, Amy has successfully communicated the value of staging to Real Estate Agents and Home Sellers. She received her training through C.S.P., Certified Staging Professionals and has earned their International Masters in Real Estate Staging designation.  Amy is also a RESA-PRO, the highest designation in the industry. 

In 2008, Amy started the first RESA (Real Estate Staging Association) Chapter in Georgia and since then has participated in varying roles in her local Chapters. In 2011, Amy Powers became one of the first RESA Approved Instructors. She has taught hundreds of Georgia Real Estate Agents the importance of Staging to Sell. Amy is passionate about educating Agents on how to educate their clients and the advantages of a symbiotic realtionship with a professional home stager. 

In 2014 and into 2018, Amy has served as the RESA State President got Georgia. In 2017, Amy was elected by her peers from all over the US as a Board Member for RESA’s National Board of Directors. This has been rewarding, an exciting experience and eye-opening to all the things needed to run RESA smoothly while always looking forward to what we can do better for our members and how we can engage consumers effectively. Amy appreciates being an industry influencer in an organization that intentionally is building up tomorrow’s leaders today.

Amy is the voice of Real Estate Staging in Atlanta is featured regularly on the Top Rated real estate show, Real Estate Radio Atlanta on 106.7 FM. She had been featured articles in The C.S.P. Magazine, Cherokee Life Magazine, Sandy Springs Life Magazine, Atlanta Journal, and You can also see her work on House Hunters Atlanta.

Some of the Qs I asked on Today's Show:

  • How did you get started in home staging? What was your background before becoming a stager?

  • Tell us a little bit about your business. What is your specialty? 

  • What is the real estate market like in your area? 

  • How do you define demographic? 

  • How do you define psychographic?

  • Why are both so important? Can you have one but not the other?

  • Why does the home sell faster when you understand the potential buyers’ demographic and psychographic?

  • When we are staging the home, how can we find out what are the demographic and psychographic of the potential home buyers?

  • And how do we stage to appeal to the home buyers while applying these two principles? How do you change your design choices based on the demographics and psychographics of the target buyers? 

  • I know you are very passionate about educating real estate agents about home staging. What are some of the biggest misunderstanding that agents have about home staging? 

  • Are agents generally pretty open to the idea? Or do you see resistance?

  • What are some of the things you teach the agents about staging?

  • How do you feel about agents doing their own staging?

  • What recommendations do you have if the sellers chose to stage the homes themselves? 

  • If the homeowner doesn't have a choice, for example, they live in an area where there is no easy access to stagers, which happened to the sellers we had interviewed on the show. What would your advice be?

  • When you are working with agents who are doubtful about home staging, how do you communicate the value of home staging to them?

  • How about if the agents are on board with staging but the homeowners are skeptical? What do you do to communicate the value you bring to the table? 

  • What recommendations do you have for new stagers about working with real estate agents? 

  • Tell us a little bit about one of your new projects, the Stagers’  Biz Book Club. What are you reading right now? 

  • One last question, what is your one top tip to sell homes faster? (other than staging the house) 

Watch the Interview Here

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