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A New Dawn for the Fireplace

A New Dawn for the Fireplace

Fireplaces have been around for hundreds of years, and for many of those years a fireplace was the only way to stay alive during the winter cold. Now, however, they are more decorative than practical. However, gathering around one near Christmas time is pure magic. I’m writing this article, though, to talk to you about a fairly recent advancement in the fireplace industry: bioethanol fireplaces. Let me introduce you to the future. You can click here for a company that sells them to get a taste of what they look like and the various styles available to you.


First off, you want to know what bioethanol is. Bioethanol is a 100% eco-friendly renewable fuel. When you ferment the starch and sugar by-products of plants you get bioethanol which can then be used as a fuel. You see, by burning bioethanol, you create carbon dioxide which the plants then live off and then there’s more plants to be used to create bioethanol.

The Pros and Pros 

Up and till now you would have probably been using a log or gas fireplace, well they have been consigned to the history books as a bioethanol fireplace improves on them in almost every way.

  • Smoky – Not here! A bioethanol fire produces no smoke and so there is zero need for a chimney. That’s a space saver.
  • Clean as a Whistle – And because they don’t give off smoke or any other nasty by-products they are perfectly environmentally clean.  No unpleasant residue.
  • Keeps the Bills Down – As it’s not powered by gas or electric there is no increase in your bills. Anyone who’s owned a gas fireplace will know what I’m talking about.
  • Safe and Adjustable – Bioethanol fires are perfectly safe, if used carefully and they are all adjustable. This means you can make the flame as big or small as you want.

Closing Points

Just to clarify a couple of other points about these fires. One, they don’t produce an artificial flame. The flame that is produced by the bioethanol is every bit as real as its log or gas counterpart and so produces the same level of heat as you’d expect. The other thing to mention is that unlike another fireplace there is almost zero installation needed. They’re mainly free standing and come already assembled. If, however, you go for a wall mounted one, you can expect to have it standing proudly on your wall in forty minutes or so.

There you go; what do you think? They sound pretty good, don’t they? They might well replace gas fires within the next few decades as they are so much cheaper to run, and plus they are safer – no carbon monoxide poisoning risk. Yes, perhaps they don’t have the antiquity or nostalgia of a by-gone era that a log fire might conjure up, but then again, these aren’t going to destroy the environment like a smoke spewing Victorian fireplace, are they?


This is a sponsored guest post by Buy Me Design. Photo courtesy of Eclectically Vintage

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