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7 Ways Home Stagers And Designers Can Create Successful Blogs

7 Ways Home Stagers And Designers Can Create Successful Blogs

7 Ways Home Stagers & Designers Can Create Successful Blogs

There's a lot of reasons why home stagers and designers would want to write blogs for their site. It helps create buzz about your business, improves your SEO making you easier to find online, and helps create credibility. Here are 7 ways you can create a successful blog and keep the customers coming in.

1. Work Out Who Your Audience Is

Before you do anything else, work out who your audience is. Are you writing for other businesses, people who are selling their homes, or people who are looking to renovate? It's important you know who your audience is, as you need to be writing directly to them. Think about what they need from your blog, and provide content that they can use.

2. Formatting is Important

The way you format your writing is vital, as readers will scan your blogs looking for the information they need. Try using white space, headings, and bullet points to organize your writing and help them get what they need, quickly.

3. Use Online Tools

There's plenty of help out there for new bloggers, so make sure you're using it. Here are a few tools you can use:

  • Word Counter: This tool gives you an accurate word count of your blogs, as well as highlighting errors.
  • Custom Writing Service: Visit this site for expert writing consulting. HuffingtonPost has even commented in their Write My Essay article on the effectiveness of custom writing services, and how they can help bloggers.
  • State Of Writing: This site is full of writing guides that can help you improve your craft.
  • Via Writing: This resource can help you with your grammar, dealing with common grammatical errors and how to rectify them.
  • Essayroo: It's vital that you proofread your blogs, and this service can do it for you.
  • Citation Generator: Use this tool to get the right citation for any source you use.
  • UK Writings: If there's an important piece of content you need to write, this service can do it for you.

4. Pick Your Keywords Carefully

In the home staging business, there aren't many keywords that can describe what you do. This means that you need to pick them carefully. Think about what your customers will be searching for online. Your job is to use the words and phrases they'd search for naturally in your text. These will help them find your work and start reading what you have to say.

5. Think About Where You'll Share Your Post

Once you've written that blog, you need to publicise it. To do that, you'll have to think about where your readers are most likely to see it. Social media is usually a good call, as you can develop a good following and share with them on there. You can also use sites such as LinkedIn if you want to share with a more professional audience.

6. Blog Regularly

“You don't have to blog every day, but you do need to keep a consistent schedule,” says business writing expert Elaine Jones from Elite Assignment Help. “Decide how often you can blog, and stick to it. You can keep readers coming in if they know you're consistent. Having a regular schedule can stop your blog being left by the wayside when things start getting busy, too.”Make it all about the reader

The most important thing about blogging is that it's not actually all about you. When a reader checks out your site, they're not looking to see you and what you've done. They want to see what they can achieve with your advice and input. Keep this in mind when you write, and create blogs that are useful and engaging for your audience. 

Blogging isn't a simple or a one-off job. It's something you'll have to work at constantly, and always look to improve on. If you follow these tips though, you'll start to see the results. Good blogging leads to more readers, and more readers mean a higher conversion rate. Give them a try and you'll see this happen for you.

Image credit: Photo by Thought Catalog.

Today's post is written by Guest Contributor Mary Walton. Mary Walton is a blogger at Simple Grad, the blog she started a couple of years ago for students' readership. She is a tutor at Australian Essay Help website and educator at Thesis Writing Service.

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