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5 Minimalist Bathroom Design Ideas for Every Taste

5 Minimalist Bathroom Design Ideas for Every Taste

Minimalism in home design has been a hot trend in recent years, much influenced by the Scandinavian approach to decorating and its breathtaking symbiosis of form, and function. However, where minimalism truly shines is in its ability to clear the mind, rejuvenate the senses, and make a profound impact on your emotional and psychological well-being.

You see, a minimalist approach to home and living is not just about clearing the clutter or throwing in a few accents here and there, rather it is about the careful use of colors, decor, and unique stimulants to create a restorative space – one that can serve many a purpose, whether you’re selling the house or simply redecorating for your pleasure. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can transform your bathroom into a minimalist oasis.

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Start with a Neutral Foundation

The road to a sleek, minimalist look in your bathroom, begins with the introduction of neutral colors. This is your foundation, a clear canvas that will allow the rest of the decor, no matter the approach, to come to life. Consider hues such as white and off-white, light grey, or even sophisticated charcoal that will add a dash of mystery to the entire setting.

With such a foundation in place, you can continue to select key complementary hues that will liven up the place and give it its unique tone and personality. These can be natural hues, for instance, such as light hardwood, but you can also choose accentuating colors such as shiny gold, copper, or silver. In the same vein, taking a monochromatic approach is also a good idea.

Keep the Space Clutter-Free

It should go without saying that the minimalist design cannot reach its full potential if physical clutter is allowed to suffocate the room – which is a frequent occurrence in modern bathroom layouts. Trying to cram in as much decor as possible and leaving things on countertops and the shower floor is no way to uphold the minimalist vibe in the room, so keeping the space clutter-free at all times will be essential.

To achieve this decluttered look, simply follow the Scandi approach to decorating. This is something of a minimalist style, but with flair and vibrancy thrown into the mix. Firstly, stick to the bare necessities such as the bathroom, the vanity, the shower, the toilet and the bide, and of course, storage. Next, focus on organizing every bathroom necessity in cabinetry and on top of shelves instead of leaving them out – you can mount floating shelves in the shower to achieve this.

Reconnect with Nature

One of the key elements of a true minimalist look lies in nurturing a deep connection with nature. This is why outdoor bathrooms, boasting vibrant screens and a stylish luxury spa surrounded by vibrant greenery, have become the talk of the interior design world, as expanding your bathroom into the backyard is a beautiful way to reinvent the space and introduce minimalism into the setting.

The inherent problem with the minimalist approach to decorating is that it has the tendency to become dull and monotonous over time if the designer fails to use the right stimulants to keep the space vibrant, new, and invigorating. Breaking the barrier between Mother Nature and your bathroom might just be the dash of exciting you were looking for.

Hide the Plumbing for a Seamless Look

The minimalist look thrives on seamless design accentuated by complementary decor, as well as decor elements that truly stand out in color, shape, and texture. So naturally, this means that there can be no room for unsightly plumbing in a minimalist bathroom.

A great aesthetic idea that boasts some functional benefits as well is to hide the plumbing network as much as possible by putting all pipes behind walls, under the floor, and choosing freestanding or wall-hung amenities. This can be a wall-mounted toilet, a floating sink or vanity, or a freestanding bathtub that will also serve as the focal point of the room.

Complete the Look with Unique Accents

Last but not least, you want to complete the look with a couple of key accents that will create a truly inspiring minimalist bathroom. Contrary to what you might have heard, the minimalist approach is not about the absence of decor, but rather it’s about the careful implementation of focal points that will grab the viewer’s attention and break any monotony in the room.

To that end, consider introducing a spa or a bathtub in the center of the room, and then place a vibrant accent to emphasize a key area here and there. This can be a grand painting above the bathtub, or it can be something as small as a side table in a vibrant hue. Accents needn’t stand out from the overarching design in color alone – they can also boast unique shapes and patterns, but remember to use them scarcely. 

To many homeowners, the notion of a minimalist interior is not a very appealing one, as oftentimes it is associated with a bland, uninspiring space with no soul or substance. Well, nothing could be further from the truth, as the minimalist approach can not only liven up your home, but also help you design a healthy living environment – and you can start by creating a truly restorative setting in your bathroom.

Contributor’s Bio: Mike Johnston is a home improvement blogger, DIY enthusiast and sustainability buff from Sydney. He is a regular writer at Smooth Decorator and contributor on several interior design, real estate and eco blogs, always on the lookout for new ideas and the latest trends in these fields.

Photo by Heather Schwarz.

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