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5 Important Reasons That Steel is the Sensible Choice in Modern Home Construction

5 Important Reasons That Steel is the Sensible Choice in Modern Home Construction

Thinking about steel framed structure, people will usually imagine a barn or factory unit, but steel now has a major role in the construction of private homes too. No longer do people balk at the idea of metal being the main structure of their homes, and architects and designers alike are happy to work with it. The benefits for your home are numerous and outweigh the use of wood in many ways. Here are a few of the ways that your home could benefit from a steel framed structure.


Using steel in your home allows you to be much more flexible with your design, and a major benefit that attracts architects to using it is its strength across a span. Huge room space can be incorporated into a home because the horizontal I-beams are incredibly strong and need no support along their length.  Because of the lack of load bearing walls required inside a home, it also means that redesigning your home in the future is much easier without having to fit supports in your house.


Steel is a great material to use in construction; it is strong enough to take incredible loads and it lasts much longer than other building materials (25% longer than wood). Unlike the wood that is used so often when building a house, steel will not twist or warp unless it is subjected to massive stresses, the damage to buildings associated with wood shrinkage will be nullified, and it will require much less maintenance. Once you have your steel in place, it will not move or change shape until you want it to.


Building with steel has huge benefits in relation to the speed of a building’s construction. You can have the steel made to your specific designs by a reputable company, like Steel fabrication london By*,while you are waiting to start your project, and they will deliver it as soon as you want to start building the frame. The ease with which the sections are bolted together will also reduce the time spent erecting your frame, meaning that the overall time spent on the build will be enormously reduced


The scrap generated when building using wood is estimated at being 20% compared to 2% for steel, and that translates into a direct saving on your budget. When you factor in the savings in man hours for the actual construction, and the reduced maintenance because of rot, mildew, and insect attacks, the actual savings can escalate dramatically. This genuine saving is a great way to build a house that you could never afford using wood throughout the construction.

 The Environment

The environment is a huge issue that is facing the world, and using steel in your home means you are being proactive in helping to conserve our resources. There is no cutting down of forests to burden your conscience, and as steel is 100% recyclable, there is no effect from its disposal that harms our atmosphere water supply or soil. One more benefit to the environment is the fact that your steel will have been manufactured in a workshop, and all of the waste will be recycled by them too.

Steel certainly has benefits over wood in the construction of a home, and though the traditional home builder may not agree, steel is probably the building material of the future. All you need to do now is consider your walling material; have you considered steel…?

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