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5 Design Tricks to Make a Small Space Feel So Much Bigger

5 Design Tricks to Make a Small Space Feel So Much Bigger

Photo Credit:  Cindy Lin Photography

Photo Credit: Cindy Lin Photography

Small spaces don’t have to feel crowded and cramped. Using several interior styling tricks, you can easily create an illusion of spaciousness and openness, making your home more enjoyable. However, the key isn’t in relying on individual elements but combining them strategically to create a balanced look that breathes with an atmosphere of airiness and vastness.

Proper Lighting

5 Design Tricks to Make a Small Space Feel So Much Bigger | STAGED4MORE

No matter how small your space is, it will seem even smaller and more crowded if it’s dark and gloomy. With a proper use of lighting, not only can you make your space seem more open, you’ll also emphasize its beautiful features.

First and foremost, you need to maximize your use of natural light during the day. Instead of covering your windows with dark curtains, you should use light, gauzy drapes and hang them high so as to create an illusion of height.

When it comes to artificial lighting, there are several solutions that can help you create an illusion of spaciousness. If you have a low ceiling, then you should avoid chandeliers and pendant lights, and opt for downlights instead – not only will downlights look stylish, but they will also make your room seem wider. As for lamps, you can illuminate dark corners by adding slender floor lamps with a smaller base. 

The Right Stuff

When styling up a small space, it’s important that you choose the right furniture because it can greatly influence the overall ambiance. You shouldn’t focus solely on the visual appeal of furniture, but also its functionality. Multifunctional furniture will save up a lot of space, making your room feel less crowded.

When it comes to choosing furniture for your small space, focus on pieces that can serve multiple purposes, like ones that can be folded or stacked, or have hidden storage compartments. You can even make your own multifunctional furniture if you can’t find a piece that works well with your space or the general style.

For example, you can make a lovely window seat with a compartment, or a beautiful wooden bench with drawers for your hallway. All you need is a set of high-quality hand tools, materials, and a plan, and you’ll have a multi-functional piece in no time. Finally, you should pick sofas and armchairs with legs to create an illusion of space and light.

The Power of Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the most important elements that can make your space seem bigger and more open. Since they reflect light, they will create an illusion of vastness and airiness in your home. To maximize the effect, place a large mirror opposite a window to reflect the light. You can go with a wall-to-wall mirror, or think of some other creative ways to include mirrors into your home. For example, you can go with mirrored furniture, such as a coffee table or dresser, because those pieces will be less conspicuous and it will seem as if they disappeared. 

Smart Use of Colors

5 Design Tricks to Make a Small Space Feel So Much Bigger | STAGED4MORE

You can completely transform a room by simply repainting it, but it’s important that you use colors strategically, especially when it comes to small spaces. Namely, the golden rule is using neutral and pale hues because they reflect light and make a room seem more spacious. When it comes to walls and trims, you can use the same color to make the rooms feel more expansive. In additions, creating a contrast between light-colored ceiling and dark-coloured floors can create an illusion of height and space. 

However, using a neutral color scheme for your living space doesn’t mean that you can’t introduce darker and bolder hues. The key is in creating a balance between darker and lighter elements. For example, you can transform one wall into an accent wall in a dark color, or combine a neutral backdrop with bolder accents details. You can also experiment with design and patterns to add character to your space while simultaneously making it bigger. Stripes are your greatest ally when it comes to small spaces. Depending on your room, you can use either horizontal or vertical stripe to elongate or expand it. 

The Importance of Editing

Stuff, especially clutter, will make a small space seem even smaller. It also evokes a bad feeling and creates an atmosphere of messiness or unkept. It will make potential buyers or inhabitants feel constrained and crowded. So, it’s important that you remove clutter from your home and get rid of all the unnecessary items.

Decluttering room by room will make your job much easier and less stressful. Remember that you don’t have to use every inch of your space – leave several corners empty and don’t clutter your shelves to create an illusion of spaciousness and airiness. It will also create more visual interests by having some negative space, instead of filling every possible corner.

You don’t necessarily have to feel constrained and uneasy in a small space. In just a few simple steps, you can create both a stylish look and an illusion of openness and vastness.

Contributor's Bio: Arron Hiddleston is an interior design blogger with three years of experience covering home improvement and garden renovation. He is a self-employed interior designer and travel lover.

Photo Credits: Title photo is provided by Cindy Lin Photography. Remaining photos are provided by the Contributor.

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