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4 Tested Questions for Staging Every Room (plus a bonus room ready check list!)

4 Tested Questions for Staging Every Room (plus a bonus room ready check list!)

I recently came across a photo on Facebook and thought it can be a great opportunity to discuss how to space plan. I actually was just talking about space planning in our 30-Day Home Staging Challenge. These are the four tested questions that are tried and true and can help you making sure your staging is on point.

To be honest, I was a bit hesitant to publish this post, because the intention is not about criticizing the stager or the seller of this home. We don’t know the full background behind this photo. The seller can be working with limited budget and this is all they had to work with. This post is not meant to judge them or their styling decisions.

We are going through this exact topic right now in the 30-Day Home Staging Challenge. So when I saw the photo, I thought it would be great for our challengers. I wanted to use this opportunity to show how you can make sure your staging will boost your home’s appeal for potential buyers.

I see a few things potential issues here:


There are not a lot of colors in this room. Because of the lack of colors, the room looks pretty beige and beige all over. There are no visual interests to draw the viewers in.

Because of the lack of colors in the room, the two lines on the ceiling become an accidental focal point, which also draw attention to the lines in the ceiling. The way the room is shot and the angled ceiling also draw our eyes up to the ceiling. For someone who is looking at this at a glance, potential buyers may think: What are those lines on the ceiling? Are those tiles on the ceiling?


The shape of the ceiling makes the room looks like an attic. By having a dining set in the room, it tells the buyers that this is a dining room. Well, think about it: will someone want to eat dinner in the attic?

When you are staging, stage the room according to its original function. Let the family room be the family room, not a gym, not an office, not a play room for the kids. It is the same idea with the spare bedroom. Turn it back into a bedroom. Buys can easily imagine themselves using the room other than a bedroom, but it may be difficult for them to do so to see past the stuff in the room.


Base on the small dining set in the room, we can get some idea of the size of the room. But it is unclear how can I, as a potential buyer, use this space. As I mentioned before, because of the angle of the ceiling, plus the doors on each side of the wall (which can be for crawl spaces), can give people the idea that this is an attic. So it may be better to stage it as a family room, where family members can come in and relax, instead of a dining room.

The other important aspect when it comes to staging is scale. Are you putting in furniture that is proportionate to the size of the room? Do the pieces in the room relate to each other? Coming back to the dining room example, why is there a side table / lamp in the corner? How does that relate to the dining set? These are questions to consider when you approach staging.


I’m going to venture a guess that the side table lamp combo was put there because there are not enough lighting in the room. I recently wrote about lighting in a 3-part series, you can check them out here:

I’ve put together a handy checklist for you to evaluate your room after you finish staging. This can help you to see if you have missed anything.


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