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4 Handy Tips on Recycling Your Tired & Old Carpets

4 Handy Tips on Recycling Your Tired & Old Carpets

This blog is written by a contributor. Please see the end of the post for the contributor's bio.

Recycling used items is a great idea. It not only saves money, it also saves nature since most means of producing those items are often damaging to the mother earth. There are a few major and common items that are often replaced during the resale process, one of them is carpeting and area rugs.

Depending on your local laws, there may be a fine for improperly disposing the carpet. This can be avoided easily, there’re many organizations would gladly take your used carpet off your hands. The fiber of the carpet can be used in many possible ways for several industries. There are several types of carpets that are frequently used and most of them are recyclable. It may not be possible for you to recycle the whole thing on your own, here are some tips that help you to do just that. 

1. Contact The Dealer

If your carpeting or area rug is in good condition and you just want a new design, you can contact your dealer to see if they are willing to buy it back at a fraction of the cost. Your dealer may be willing to buy back the carpet at a lower cost, clean it up and sell it to some other customer who wants to buy a used carpet. The dealers may also have contacts with companies that recycle parts of the carpets and use them to produce a new one or use them in some other ways. The carpet recyclers often get in touch with the dealers in order to get the old and torn carpets for reuse.

2. Reuse the Bits

If your old area rug or carpeting is torn, you can tear it apart and use in different ways. You can get creative with what you use them for. Old carpet squares are great to be reused for moving heavy furniture on the hardwood floor (use the carpet side down, and make sure it is clean of debris that can scratch your floor.). However, it is important to make sure that the pieces are properly disinfected and cleaned before your reuse it.

3. Use for insulation

The carpet pieces can be used for insulation of small pipes, dog house, compost heap and many other places. This is a cheap way of insulation but it is quite effective too. The heavier they are, the better they are as insulators. Local gardener groups may be interested in getting them for compost insulations.

4. Donate or Giveaway

There are companies that collect old carpets for recycling, there are also charities that will take them your old area rugs, as long as they are in good conditions. Additionally, you can join groups like Freecycle to give away your carpets and rugs (and anything else you no longer have use for.) You may not be able to make any money in return but you will save on the inconvenience of dumping it.

Contributor's Bio: Mark Fletchers has been an interior décor expert, with specialization in Carpet, Laminate and Hardwood floors in Calgary for many years. He has serviced hundreds of homes in Alberta and continues to provide services to new and existing clients. When he is not working, he likes to share his knowledge with his avid readers and followers by writing articles online.

Photo courtesy of Allyson Johnson

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