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300+ DIY Home Staging a Year With Maryland Home Stager Andrea Kaba [Season 3 Episode 8]

300+ DIY Home Staging a Year With Maryland Home Stager Andrea Kaba [Season 3 Episode 8]


On the show today, I interview Andrea Kaba, an in-house home stager from the Maryland metropolitan area. Andrea has worked for the top two brokers in her state. Andrea started as a Home Marketing Consultant. She not only provided staging consultations to homeowners on behalf of her brokers, she also marketed the homes.

One of the greatest advantages I think for me in my own home staging business is that I’ve worked as an agent and understand the nuances of the inner workings of real estate agents. And Andrea, because she also has this strong marketing background, I think this is very important in a stager. You want a stager who understands what moves the inventory, what makes buyers buy your home and how to market the home.

That’s why I think this is a really great opportunity for us to hear the behind the scenes and what Andrea’s design process is like for advising homeowners on how to stage the home themselves. We recorded the show at the end of the year last year, so when I asked Andrea about how many consultations she had done, she did about over 300 consultations and reports from last March through December, just to give you an idea of how many consults she does a year. I had a cold when we recorded the episode during the holidays, so I apologize in advance if I didn’t sound very coherent. 

I think the business model is also interesting. I know a lot of stagers are against brokers staging their listings themselves, but Andrea’s team takes a different approach, which I think is a plus, not a minus. I think when real estate agents work together with stagers, everyone work together and does what they do best, that’s really what teamwork is about. This is how home sellers can benefit the most from the sale when all members of the team work together, instead of against each other. Each team member also does what he or she does best, instead of trying to do everything themselves. I think that’s a very important distinction from agents who list, market the homes and does the hands-on staging on top of that. Having done work on both sides, I personally think it’s a lot, especially if you’re handling more than one listings at a time.

And don’t forget! Below is a Pinterest-friendly graphic that includes Andrea’s go-to colors.

Also, I totally spaced! Last month, we celebrated our 10-year anniversary. It’s been a long road to get to where we are now. A lot has changed, especially this year, since I’m going back to school for short courses and styling intensives and living abroad for awhile. It will be interesting to see where Staged4more is this time next year. I’m also feel more like a human being after having stomach and intestine issues for the last 3 to 4 weeks. I’m still on recovery, but I feel much more normal at this point.

What We Discussed on the Show Today

  • Andrea’s experiences working as a Home Marketing Consultant: staging consulting & marketing the home

  • The current trend of how real estate brokerages building their team

  • How top producers construct their team

  • The pros of working with a large real estate team

  • How to adapt the staging to different real estate markets that work for different demographics

  • Working with young families in the suburbs

  • Working with seniors who’re retiring and downsizing their homes

  • Andrea’s process of taking the homeowners through the staging process from beginning to finish

  • Working with sellers after trying various techniques

  • Typical timeline for staging and marketing listings

  • What are some of the tough situations in working with sellers and how to overcome them

  • Setting the mindset for sellers

  • Andrea’s best advice for staging the home yourself

  • How do you know when you’re done with the staging process

  • How to choose finishes for the home for renovation and updating the homes

  • Cost effective vendors and sources for homeowners to get the homes updated, bathroom and kitchen remodel, etc.

  • Ways to search for the finishes that you’re looking for

  • Ways to learn the current trends for updating your home

  • Timeline for the renovations

  • How to update outdated homes with a very limited budget

  • Andrea’s go-to paint colors

  • How to pick paint colors for the home

  • How home staging has changed the real estate brokerage’s business

  • Working with senior home owners

  • Does home staging help homes sell?

Check Out Andrea’s Go-To Paint Colors for Home Staging in Our Resource Library

About Andrea

I have only been working as a stager for about 2 years but have staged hundreds of homes through consultation services for the top two real estate teams in the state of Maryland. One under Long&Foster rated as a top producer for L&F across the country and now currently working for the # 1 Real Estate Team under Keller Williams in the Country. Through the process of staging consultations I help sellers from simply staging their homes with the items they have in their spaces, to consultations for complete renovations such as flooring updates, kitchen and bath remodels, etc. working closely with contractors.

At such a high volume of appointments across the state I have learned the real estate industry quickly and even more important learned what it takes to work one on one with sellers and help them through this trying and stressful period of time. This year so far I have staged over 300 homes through consultations and my co-worker who covers the other side of the state, has staged close to the same in volume. This year I have also worked very hard to receive my designations to become a licensed REALTOR and ASP.

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