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30-Day Home Staging Challenge Day 0 — Productivity & Time Management Tools

30-Day Home Staging Challenge Day 0 — Productivity & Time Management Tools

Hey guys! Welcome back to Season FIVE of the Home Staging Show! I’m SO thrilled to be back and HAPPY 2017!

I hope you enjoyed our first episode on mind set with business coach Marianne Cherico. I feel like mindset is so important in anything you do, it doesn’t matter you’re running a business or you are getting your home ready for sale, you really need to set yourself up in a good frame of mind in order to execute your goals and plans.

So today’s kind of the pre-game day, I want you to get your head ready for this challenge. This process of preparing a home for sale can be a little bit like running a marathon. You are going to feel tired and frustrated and possibly hit the walls where you’ll feel like giving up, there may be emotional moments coming up during your organization. Whatever it is, I want to use this pre-game day to give you a few productivity tools to help you get organized and be less stressed about the project. Also, I want to say, do the best you can. A lot of times I see homeowners want to make everything perfect and then they get stuck and not moving forward. I want you to not do that. It’s about progress, not perfection here. Because there’s no such thing as perfection in this process, you can only do the best you can to pull your home together and making sure that you’re putting the best foot forward.

I’ve designed this challenge where you can use this challenge to organize your home for sale and to live. Also, this is also a full on course available to you for free. All you need to do is go to our course website here and you can use the link to sign up for the free course.

Unlike the old challenge where we break down the sale into 10 steps and you get a step every 3 days, this challenges will have something for you every day for the next 30 days. The course will release one day at a time after you sign up and every day you will have a video lesson and some homework. This will give you time to work through each day. On the podcast, you’re hearing the audio version of the course, but in the actual course site, you’ll be able to see video slides as well. In the course site, you’ll also see suggested action steps for the day and also any resources that are relevant to the day.

At the end of the 30-day, you should have a good idea on how to prepare your home for sale.

Before you start with this 30-day homes staging challenge, I’d also recommend thinking about having a real estate agent already in place so he or she can help guide you through some of these steps, provide feedback and remain objective. A real estate agent is also a great partner and ally to have on your sale. Most importantly, a great agent will know the pulse of your local market — how to price your home competitively to sell and how to react to the market conditions, like if you’re working in a hot or cold real estate market. If you haven’t done so, I would recommend starting looking for a real estate agent who specializes in your neighborhood and who understand how to market your home for sale.

That’s enough for introduction, let’s dive in!

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If you haven't signed up for the free course, sign up for free here. The 30-Day Home Staging Challenge will be free to sign up until March 1, 2017. After that, you can pay a small investment for the course.

The podcast is the audio portion of the course. You can watch the actual video in our course site, as well as using the worksheets and action steps to help you figure out your plan for organizing your home to sell.

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