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2015’s Coolest Home Automation Gadgets

2015’s Coolest Home Automation Gadgets

If you’re still waiting for a hover car that folds into a briefcase like on The Jetsons, you’ll unfortunately have to wait a bit longer for that technology. But today’s gadgets aren’t that far off the mark from old cartoons and science fiction stories. Home automation used to be for the wealthy, where curtains suddenly closed and lights dimmed at the whim of a billionaire. Your home can practically have the same features — without the high price tag. With 2015 quickly approaching, take a look at some of the best electronics around to automate your space.

Apple’s HomeKit

If you own an Apple smartphone or tablet, this electronics giant is ready to make the device even more powerful. They’re creating HomeKit which is an app that securely connects with your appliances. From refrigerators to thermostats, Apple wants all the power in your handheld device. Control lights, temperature and even the garage door with this app. A safer household could result with attention to locks and appliances using a touchscreen.

Smart Lock

Attach this Smart Lock to any door and see automation in action. You select the setting for access. For instance, you could just walk up to the door and it senses an approved device to open up automatically. When you have a heavy load in your arms, this lock is a lifesaver. It even has the ability to send notifications to your phone when a loved one has forgotten to lock or even close the door.

WiFi Wireless Music Receiver

Sure, you’ve seen all those Bluetooth speakers at the mall with boredom as an immediate reaction. You have an awesome speaker system at home, but it’s not outfitted with Bluetooth. Add this WiFi Wireless Music Receiver to virtually any speaker and hear your device tunes emanating through that system. Control the volume and song selection from your phone. That old speaker system is made brand new again.

WeMo Automation

Although this automation choice has been around all year, 2015 is a perfect time to integrate theWeMo system. Add as many outlet switches to your home as you please and connect them to the WiFi. Grab your phone and control almost any item plugged into the socket. Lights, fans and even appliances are quickly integrated into the smart home arrangement. This system can be as small or large as you require, making it versatile for any home.

Bruvelo Coffeemaker

If you like your coffee brewed in a particular manner, the Bruvelo coffeemaker is just right for you. Connect it to your WiFi and control key aspects with a smartphone. Set grinding and brewing times to your heart’s content or even change the temperature. You’ll please yourself and friends with preset brewing programs designed to match each coffee bean type.

In no time, you may not even leave the couch for anything because an app and connected device does everything for you. Keep these products in mind when you shop in 2015. They could be the stepping stones to the next great invention.

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This post is written by guest blogger Tim Smith


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