This retreat is designed for senior home stagers who want to leverage their strengths, skills and talents to grow their business to the next level. It is a private space for these senior stagers to gather & discuss business challenges, growth, get re-inspired and go home to push their businesses to the next level they want to be. In additions to mastermind time, we also invite guests to share their expertise to help us grow our businesses.

Why Starting A Retreat?

Cindy Lin | STAGED/4MORE

Having been a home stager for 10+ years and had clawed my way building a 6-figure business, I know that once your business has grown to a certain level, like after crossing the 6-figure mark, you face a whole new set of challenges. And it can be lonely too. The market is full of training courses for stagers who are just starting out, but none of that for us who've been in the trenches for awhile. More importantly, it's important to make sure you are still on the right track and your business is growing healthily and profitable.

It’s a funny thing. I appear to be very extroverted but I’m actually an introverted person. I like seeing old friends and people I’ve met online at conventions, but frankly I don’t do very well in large settings. The best part of going to convention usually happen in the hallways, where I have one-on-one conversations with others who are going through the same struggles as I am.

I also find that most conventions gear session topics toward people who are newer to the industry (comparing to me, 10 years). As an old timer in the business, it is hard to find like-minded people who can geek out over business and who are dealing with the same growth issues I have. Plus, during the conventions, all of us are all so distracted and it is hard to sit down one-on-one without interruptions.

That’s why I started the retreat. I want to have very candid conversations about the pains we go through as stagers who have reached a certain level in our businesses. Once we hit the coveted 6-figure, what now? A whole new set of problems! There are many growth challenges, team building issues, pricing and profitability, you name it. These type of conversations are also sensitive and very private topics. That’s why I want to have a retreat, where we can really get together and talk shop without reservations.

I hope I’ll see you on a future retreat!



Details for the Next Retreat

There is something in the works for late summer/ fall 2020. It will most likely take place in France.

If you're interested in attending, send us a message below. We will notify you when we have more details.



Theresa Vallier Thomas, Stage Right Home Staging Inc., Wilmington, Deleware

“I have been to many “business building” seminars. There’s a circus-like hype, thousands of people, so many classes and workshops going on at the same time and you can’t attend them all. At the end of every day, my head was spinning and I was exhausted. I halfway thought that may be what the Advanced Stager’s Retreat was, so I struggled with my decision to attend this or to go to “the other big staging event” that was scheduled around the same time. Words cannot express how glad I am that I chose this Retreat. And that word describes it to a T. Retreat. No hype, rather sincerity. No crowds, rather a serene atmosphere of camaraderie. A limited number of successful, like minded home staging business owners, converging in a cooperative space to learn, mastermind and help one another navigate all things home staging related – from the day to day business all the way to how to handle the unique and even sometimes uncomfortable circumstances we can encounter. The beauty and uniqueness of this event is the limited number of participants. We were all able to connect one on one and truly understand the different levels we are each at in business, and there was a genuine respect among the group. If you are lucky enough to be one of the attendees next year, then you can expect to leave with advice, tools and knowledge you can immediately apply to your staging business as soon as you return home. I would recommend this a million times over and can’t wait for next year."

Liz Larson, Perfectly Placed for You, Greater Boston Area

“The Retreat was held in a great location. It provided warmth, relaxation and time to exhale. All great benefits. The intimate setting was the perfect backdrop allowing the group to be open and honest with each other. This proved to be the real benefit of the event. Sharing challenges along with success stories to a team of seasoned Stagers opened up a ton of valuable information, for all of us. The Advanced Staging Retreat was well worth the trip, and I’ve already begun to implement some of the inspiration I received.”



Lilly Rahbar, Simplistic Staging By LJR, San Jose, California

“Cindy Lin did a wonderful job hosting our Staging Retreat this year. She did a great job in incorporating the items that we wanted to focus on by each stager and listed them all in our workbooks as reminders of our goals for next year. The accommodations were awesome, the restaurant selections were great and the overall session was a huge help in getting my business off to a great start for 2015. Thanks again for all your hard work!”

Sample Agenda from Previous Year


arrive & check in
7pm group dinner


We set our own agenda! While we have speakers who speak in very specific topics,
they are completely flexible to your requests and questions.

7-9am breakfast
strength finder 2.0** / sales
wine tasting in lobby
group dinner


We set our own agenda & topics. Whatever is on your mind.

7-9am breakfast
mastermind session
mastermind session
wine tasting in lobby
group dinner


11am check out & goodbye


**This session includes a strength finder diagnostic test,
which will be sent out one month prior to your arrival

***We set our own agenda! Based on your interest,
a rough agenda will be established before we start in our private Facebook group.
So far participants have expressed interests in inventory management,
exit strategy, and social media marketing.


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