+ "Um, this all sounds great. But what if it doesn't work and I still got zero clients?"


I had put in a ton of work into this course and I want it to work for you! It is important to me that you are successful in building the business you want, that suits your lifestyle and goals.

I want you to feel 100% happy with your investment. If you are not happy with your course, you can receive a full refund.

Here is how it works: Participate in up to the first two modules from the start of the live program. If you don't feel that this is the right course for you within these two modules, get in touch with an email. The request must be received by the end of the week two.

We will ask for your completed coursework so far to make sure that you've really tried to make the course work for you. We will also ask you what didn't work for you so we can learn and improve. Once your completed course work and your feedback are received by the deadline, you will get a full refund.

There is a deadline because we want our students to commit to the program. You should also be able to decide if this is the right program for you from the first two weeks. That's also 1/3 of the program. If you don’t plan on starting right away, make sure this is the right investment for you as the refund period does have a firm deadline.

There is no refund for the self-study course, even if you just bought it for an hour. Due to the nature of digital products and how easy it is to download the content, please consider your needs carefully before purchasing the course.

+ "How do I access the course?"

Before the incubator course starts, you will receive access information to the course platform. In the course platform, you will see all the modules, videos and worksheets and you can work on the course at your own pace.

If you are enrolled in the Self-Study program, you will receive access information to the course platform once your payment is cleared. In the course platform, you will see all the modules, videos and worksheets and you can work on the course at your own pace.

+ "What is your teaching style like?"

I am very direct and I don't sugar coat stuff. To get a taste of what my style would be like, I recommend checking out a few episodes of The Home Staging Show podcast before you purchase the course.

+ "Who is this course for?"

This course is for stagers who just started the business or someone who has been in the business for couple years but still not seeing any tractions. What we cover in the course are hands-on, practical strategies that you can apply in your business immediately. Think of this as a giant Q&A session. In the course, I provide workflows, systems, scripts and templates that are already tested through my 6-figure home staging business.

As any design professional knows, a strong floor plan makes the home. A great floor plan creates a great traffic flow and it creates enjoyment for the home's inhabitants.

It's just the same with your business. If you set it up right in the beginning, it is much easier to make tweaks and improvements without having to do major work like gutting the entire place, breaking down the walls and remodel.

During the course, we will design a business you want and lay down the foundation for growth. We do so by figuring out what you want in life & business and build our strategies accordingly to attract the right clients. In additions, you will be building systems that you can rinse and repeat over and over and build on.

More importantly, I firmly believe the imnportance of building a business that supports your lifestyle. It's okay if you want to work as a part-time stager so you can still be fulfilled creatively and spend time with your family or whatever other creative outlets you are pursuing. But what we are teaching you here is to be a profitable stager, even if you are working part time. That's very different than a hobbyist stager who doesn't run it like a real business.

+ "Can't I just Google all this stuff? Why do I need to take a class on this?"

Yes, of course you can! And if you happy with Googling, by all means, do that!

But... if you're checking my course out, because... perhaps you are not happy and satisfied by what you've found on the internet? You feel like it's not enough?

By taking a course like this, you are investing in yourself and your business by tapping into my experience and expertise, so you can get to where you want quicker and with more profits. You will also join fellow stagers and get support from one another. Think of it as your very own Justice League.

Also, it's just like homeowners who want to stage their homes themselves: the results may not be as great as hiring a pro like yourself. Or, they achieved the same results as hiring a professional stager, but they invested a lot more time, effort and learning curve to get there.

So take my class or Google? It's all up to you.

+ "How are you different than the other courses? I've already got my certification."

In my 13+ years in real estate, I've found that certification is not what it cracks up to be.

Specifically, clients don't give two sh*ts about the certification.

I had taken A LOT of certification courses in real estate as a real estate agent and as a home stager: GRI, ePRO, ASP, ASPM, IRIS, CSP, Dewey, CSP's Live Green Live Smart, SBA.

What I've found is that the clients only care about you doing a great job, show up on time, don't screw them over and get everything done at the lowest price.

Also, if the certification courses are enough for your education as a home stager, then I wouldn't be seeing questions like these in the online forums for home stagers:

"Do I really need liability insurance as a home stager?"

"I just booked my first job! How do I price X, Y, and Z?!"

"Um, what should go into my home staging contract?"

My course is different because I've been there. I've struggled. I've hit the growing pains. I've plateaued. I was unhappy and I felt ashamed that my business was not "successful enough."

I started my home staging business when I was 25. I didn't have a lot of money or know anyone in real estate. I leveraged what I have to get what I want, and built my business that way.

In this course, you will also see the behind-the-scenes: my contract, workflow, scripts and systems. You won't need to reinvent the wheel. Take mine and make it yours, and hit the ground running.

I'm also an introvert. I don't like sales. I don't like to talk to strangers at networking events. I had to give myself pep talks in the bathrooms before those dreadful BNI meetings. I don't even like sending out newsletters. But! That doesn't mean you can't build a business. Yes, you can. I will teach you how to find marketing strategies that work for your communication style.

+ "Sooooo... How much is this gonna cost me?"

IN 2018, we will be offering two choices based on your needs:

  1. Self-study course where you can access the materials any time you'd like, but without any support or private community. The price is $589 and you can purchase it here.
  1. Full incubator course that takes you through the modules live with support, mentorship and the private community. There is a limited time only Early Bird promotion to puchase the course at $700 off, at $1199. After that, the price will go up to $1899. We will be opening the cart up soon for the Early Bird.

Unlike those courses that ask you to renew for membership every year, you pay the tuition once and you will will have access for the lifetime of the course. You will not be asked to renew any membership, additional fees, etc., even if we upgrade the content or raise the price of the program later on.

As an alumni, you can also retake the live course as many times as you'd like. While we are not running the live course, you will also be able access to the course as many times as you'd like. You will also be on the priority list when we open up new courses for beta testing, etc.

+ "Can you guarantee that I'll make 6-figure after this course?"

NOPE. (Sorry, I told you I'm a straight shooter.)

It's like what we tell our clients:

Staging is a proven technique to improve their listings' chances to sell faster and for more money. We, as professional stagers, can give you all the expertise and knowledge from our experiences. But ultimately, it is up to you, my dear client, to put in the elbow grease and make it happen.

It is the same with you and your business.

I promise I'll teach you everything I know. The rest of it? It is up to you!

+ "Is your course industry certified? And is there legitimacy to the certification?"

No, our courses are not industry certified. Because:

A. Clients don't care about your certifications. Staging 500M+ of real estate in 11 years, not once, a client had asked for certifications. They did, however, ask for proof of liability insurance and worker's comp.

B. Industry certification requires a lot of paperwork, energy and most of all, a good chunk of change. I feel that it's much more productive to invest these energy, time and money into developing content, courses and hire guest experts for the programs.

C. Oprah, Bill Gates and Martha Stewart had no industry certifications and I think they turned out pretty well.

In my opinion, at the end of the day, to have the necessary skills to service your clients while making profits is the most important outcome of taking any courses. Not a certification. But, I understand that this may be very important for you to build confidence and credibility. If getting a certificate is what you really care about, this is not the course for you.

+ "Is the industry saturated?"

That's a really great question. Sure, there are new home stagers getting into the market every day. There are a lot of competitions out there. But the good news is that, there are more potential clients than working home stagers. Plus, there is only one you out there. You bring unique touches and perspectives to your work that only you can execute. In the course, we work on discovering your strengths and leveraging them to stand out in the competitive market.

Curious about what we will be doing in the course? 
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