Here's the truth...

Most home staging courses are created by people who’ve never had a home staging business. So they create courses that:

*Focus on really basic stuff
* Only show you a limited business model
* Don't teach you about profit margins (so you don't price correctly and end up losing profits!)
* Superficial strategies that don't prepare you for real life problems

Worst of all, you just spent thousands and still don't know HOW to get clients consistently.

You have zero strategy and zero idea.

Take it from someone who’s built a 6-figure home staging business by doing things differently:


What is 6-Figure Floor Plan?

6-Figure Floor Plan is an 8-week, interactive video-based training program that teaches practical and tested business strategies to new home stagers who want to build a thriving and profitable home staging business that fits their lifestyles.

Whether you’re brand new to business or have a few years under your belt, 6-Figure Floor Plan will push you and challenge you to go to the next level. Unlike most home staging courses on the market, the weekly office hours during the course provide support and will troubleshoot any issues you have building your business.

Think of this course as giant Q&A session. This course is designed to build and refine your business systems and strategies that take the kinks and guesswork out of building a profitable, book solid home staging business.


You cringe at the idea of “selling yourself” --
you don’t want to be intrusive.

You’ve been trying for years, and never had a single client.

You’ve been told you have to start at $50/ hour (you don’t).

You’re afraid you’ll have to deal with a huge inventory and other hassles (you won’t).


Most of what you’ve heard about home staging businesses is a load of packing peanuts.

Yes, you've been lied to.

You’ve probably heard things like: "To be a successful home stager..."

You have to have a warehouse full of stuff.
You have to carry inventory. Vacant staging is where the money is at.
Here's our cookie-cutter business model and now build your own cookie-cutter business model that's just like everyone else who's graduated from our school.

No, NO, and NOOOO!

There is a much better way. I promise.
No re-invent the wheel needed.

In this course, you will:

* Develop strategies that will keep booking yourself solid
* Build profit margins into even the most impossible jobs
* Know exactly what to do and say when clients say the darndest things
* Setting yourself apart from a crowded marketplace
* Finish the course with systems that you can rely on, rinse and repeat
* Get my workflows, systems, rolodex, worksheets, tricks and scripts that helped me build my 6-figure home staging business


The LIVE, 8-week incubator course has 6 modules of lessons,
6 live office hours and 2 weeks for implementation.

The course contains 37+ individual lessons with 18+ hours of video content. You will also get access to our Answer Vault, what our previous students had asked during office hours and 166+ pages of worksheets and scripts.

After the 8-week course finishes, you will have access to the material and our private community for the lifetime of the course. You can access the program anytime and retake the live course over and over again. There is no renewal costs, even if we added content and materials.

As alumni of our course, you also get priority notification for new courses and opportunities to beta test new courses at a steep discount.

Don't Need the Support and Mentorship?

We now offer a self-study course!

You can take the same course without the private community and without the support. You can access it at anytime, anywhere. There is no expiration on the course. 

*Because there is no community and mentorship support, you will have the course materials only. The self-study course does not include access to the answer vaults bonus.


6 modules of audio & video lessons and supporting worksheets, templates, and scripts that you can access anywhere, anytime with internet connections. There is no need to reinvent the wheel if I've already done it for my business. I'm giving you my scripts and workflows so you can hit the ground running.

A new module will be released each week on Monday. 


Our private community. You can't do it alone. Even Wonder Woman has the Justice League. Being a business owner can be lonely, especially if none of your friends are small business owners. This is why it's important to have a community who's got your back, you can lean on and get valuable feedback. Plus, you will get direct access to me in our private community for any feedback & questions you may have about your business.




Implement Sessions with LIVE Q&A. During the 8-week course, we will also have 6 live implement sessions so you can ask your questions and get immediate feedback. Most of the staging courses on the market take place over 3 days in a hotel room. After the course ends, you don't have any more support. The way our program is structured, you get live support for 8 weeks while you work on the systems and structure of your business

6-Figure Floor Plan MODULE 1: Rolling Out Your Floor Plan
  • Setting the foundation for your business

  • Designing a business that you have been dreaming about

  • Elements of a successful business model

  • How to stand out from the crowded marketplace

  • Unlocking the blocks that are stopping you from getting the money and success that you want

  • Critical systems you need to have a thriving and profitable business

6-Figure Floor Plan Module 2: Laying Down the Foundation
  • Attracting your ideal clients

  • Lead generation in real estate -- what type of leads you should be pursuing and how to attract new leads consistently

  • Expanding your sphere of influence in real estate, even if you are not comfortable with selling

  • How to consistently remind your clients to book you without coming off as "salesy" or annoying

  • Create a unique brand that stands out amongst your competitors

6-FIGURE FLOOR PLAN Module 3: Getting Clients Into the Door
  • Learn the thought process of real estate agents

  • The lead generation technique that gets you the highest ROI and how to do it

  • How to create a memorable brand online and in person

  • How to approach and talk to real estate agents without feeling like having a heart attack

  • Social media, blogging, and Search Engine Optimization

  • Don't forget your online curb appeal! Build a website that wows

  • Designing a client experience that keeps them coming back

  • Setting up your marketing system that generates you leads all the time

  • How a simple script can save you thousands of dollars

6-Figure Floor Plan Module 4: Leak Proof the House
  • You've booked the job! NOW WHAT?

  • Contract: The anatomy of a home staging service agreement

  • Our own agreement that has covered our *** over and over again

  • Invoicing + deposits + payment terms

  • How to nick 99% of client problems in the bud

  • Inventory: how to buy, what to buy, how to store, maintain & move them

  • A look at my 5,800 square feet warehouse

  • Designing a client experience that keeps them coming back

  • Get your hands on my workflow, templates and scripts

6-Figure Floor Plan Module 5: Pricing and Putting $ Sign on Your Work
  • The math you need to know to calculate your own paycheck

  • What secret messages your proposal is telling your clients

  • When clients say the darnest things and how to respond and create win-win

  • Common money leaks, mistakes in pricing your work

  • How to put your profits first

6-Figure Floor Plan Module 6: Room for Expansion
  • Planning for growth

  • Hiring your first employee(s) and/or independent contractors

  • How to buy wholesale

  • Building multiple revenue streams for your business

  • How to deal with slow seasons and economic downturns

  • Different ways to exit the business successfully


Your course also comes with a bonus module: This Module 0 includes:

  • A bonus class with international home staging coach Marianne Cherico: Your Inner Road to Business Success

  • Worksheets to define what success means to you and figure out what would be your dream number to support your dream lifestyle.

  • Plus resources and tools to help you deal with overwhelm

What Students Say

6-Figure Floor Plan Testimonial, Elisha

"I absolutely loved taking Cindy’s course, 6 Figure Floor Plan!  It is the perfect course for anyone who wants to start a successful staging company.  Cindy walks you through the process of defining your business goals, exploring your personal style so that your business reflects who you are through its branding, website, and overall approach, and creating a solid foundation with clearly defined systems.  This is not a class where you passively learn, but actively implement each lesson into a critical piece of setting up your business. 

 Additionally, one of the most valuable parts of learning from Cindy is that she openly shares all of the resources that she used to successfully run her business – that are often inexpensive or free!  It is incredible!  She took the time to explore and test different apps, websites, support systems, and vendors to run her business, and she just hands you the link and shows you how to use them.  From my personal experience of trying to set up another business, this has saved me endless hours and wasted costs.  I couldn’t be happier!"

- Elisha, home stager

I am overwhelmed in the BEST way possible with the amount of tangible content that Cindy teaches in her course. Her teaching style is so effective and she opens up a world of knowledge that is helping me outline my home staging business. From defining aspects of my business such as what type of clients I want to work and what type of services I want to focus on, as well as lead generating business and marketing, just to name a few! I am so grateful for the content that Cindy shares created from her own experience in the business along with her successes and failures. I am excited to begin building my business and have the guidance and advice from such a successful and knowledgable business woman! I have taken other staging classes through other certification schools and the knowledge I got from those classes seemed dated and did not even scratch the surface of what Cindy has brought to the table! Thank you SO much for sharing your knowledge and teaching your world to us Cindy!

-Andrea Kaba, Home Stager and Client Care Coordinator at Keller Williams

Andrea 6 Figure Floor Plan Home Staging Course Testimonial.png


There are two options for this course. You can take the self-study option where you can access to all the course materials and worksheets immediately. But there is no support and you don't have access to the private community nor the answer vault.

If you want to upgrade to the live incubator course when it is offered, you can! Just pay the tuition difference when enrollment reopens.

The other option is an 8-week, online business incubator course that includes mentorship, community and 6 office hours for you to ask all your questions.  You can get on the notification list when we re-open the enrollment for Feb 2019 (dates TBA).




For those who want immediate course access
and hit the ground running today

✔︎ 37 individual lessons
✔︎ 18+ hours of video content, including video warehouse tours
✔︎ 166+ pages of worksheets and scripts
✔︎ Access to my proposal, contract and workflows
✔︎ Lifetime access to the course.
✔︎ There is no course renewal fee, annual fee, blah blah fee. We hate fees! You will have lifetime access to the course, even when we raise the prices, add more content & goodies.
✔︎ Access the course anywhere, anytime with internet connections
✔︎ Mobile friendly, watch the lessons on the go with internet connections


For those who want mentorship & community support in navigating the maze of developing a successful home staging business

✔︎ Everything in the Self-Study option
✚ PLUS ✚

✔︎ 6 live office hours that answer all your questions
✔︎ Get access to the Answer Vault where you can learn from previous students’ questions and experiences
✔︎ Private community for support, even after the course is finished
✔︎ You can retake the live incubator as many times as you want and participate on any live office hour calls
✔︎ Priority access for beta testing new courses at a steep discount
✔︎ Participate in master classes taught by guest teachers


Who Am I &
Why I Made This Course


I have been a home stager for the past 12+ years, before that, I was a buyer's agent working in San Francisco Bay Area. I started my business when I was 25, not knowing anyone working in the real estate industry. Most of my friends were unemployed or delivering pizza. I had zero network. I started Staged4more in my parents' garage and I grew the business into a 5,800 square feet commercial warehouse three years after I started working as a home stager. During my career, I had worked on about $500 million worth of real estate. 

I developed this course because I was tired of seeing aspiring home stagers left high and dry by other courses. Time and again, they asked me:

How do you get clients?
How do you keep your calendar booked so full without constantly hustling?
I’m doing everything I was told to do. Why isn’t anyone booking me?
"Do you really need insurance? Contract? A truck?"
"My clients said .... and ...., how do I respond?!"

You won’t have to ask any of that.

In this jam-packed online course, I will show you how to build a strong foundation for your business and avoid all the potential traps that can slow down your growth significantly.

We'll go over systems, contracts, pricing, proposals, inventory, marketing, technology and everything you'll need to start getting clients. I will show you all the tips and tricks I had learned over a 13+ years career in real estate (2 as real estate agent, 11+ as a full-time home stager, with a 6-figure revenue, a 5,800 square feet warehouse and have interviewed numerous real estate experts on my podcast The Home Staging Show).