Want to get your home organized and ready for sale but not sure where to start? Join us for this 30-Day Home Staging Challenge to get yourself ready for market in 30 days.

In this e-course, you will gain an understanding of the home staging process and what today's buyers are looking for. This e-course is designed to give those, who are not familiar with home staging, an overview of the preparation and staging process before listing your property on the MLS.

During the e-course, we will have something for you to do each day. In our course website, you will have access to video lessons, worksheets and action steps.

Home Seller Lisa Testimonial for 30-Day Home Staging Challenge

"An incredible tool for home sellers"

-- Lisa Goodwin, author, blogger of Budget Equestrian and homeowner

We have been toying with the idea of selling our house for the past year, and we have finally committed to getting it done. I have ready every blog, article and book when it comes to staging your home on your own and this course is by far the most user friendly and best thing I have found to date.

I have been listening to Cindy's podcast from the beginning, and I have loved it. And I participated in her first 30 day home staging challenge, which gave me my first glimpse into the world of home staging. And when she made this course available, I was so excited!

And this course IS complete, and holds so much valuable information.

30 days of audio, and visuals, along with 30 days of checklists, a calendar for the entire 30 days and tips to guide you along the way as you turn your home into a house, and then a product to sell.

I felt as if Cindy was there with me, walking me through each day, and each project. I gathered so many ideas and tips that demystified the home staging process, and she shares her expertise of where you should focus your time, and money. And also how to make the biggest impact that you can with what you have.

My favorite part of the course is day 30.

Cindy helps you to walk through your house, and look at it from a buyers point of view. This tip was so helpful to me, and I think it would be great to do a before and after walk through using this process, to see how far you have come in the home staging process. If you are getting ready to sell your home, and you truly want to get your home sold, you should use this course. It will help you so much!

Staging your home to sell in 30 days is definitely work, and the work will not get done on it's own. But, by having a tool such as this course to walk you through day by day it breaks it down into easy to act on projects, and will keep you motivated to complete the task at hand, which is to sell your house. This is seriously the most helpful course I have ever found on how to stage your home. If you do it, you will not be disappointed!



30-Day Home Staging Challenge Course Contents

Course Curriculum

Welcome, Welcome!

  • Challenge Calendar

  • A Checklist for Everything

Pre-Challenge Day! (Total video time 19:15)

  • Day 0 -- Productivity and Time Management Tools

  • Day 0 Resources

  • Day 0 Action Steps

Week 1 (Total video time 73:51)

  • DAY 1: Sunday: Home Staging 101

  • Day 1 Resources & Action Steps

  • DAY 2: Monday: Walkthrough/ Planning Day 1

  • Day 2 Resources & Action Steps

  • How to Do a First Walkthrough

  • DAY 3: Tuesday: Home Staging Color Scheme (Walkthrough Day 2)

  • Day 3 Resources & Action Steps

  • DAY 4: Wednesday: Home Staging & Repairs Budget Planning

  • Day 4 Resources & Action Steps

  • Day 4: Home Staging Budget Planning Worksheet

  • DAY 5-7: Thursday-Saturday: Start Packing and Organizing

  • Day 5-7: Packing Your Home for Sale Checklist

Week 2 (Total video time 85:39)

  • DAY 8: Week 2 Monday, Resetting Your Rooms

  • Day 8 Resources & Action Steps

  • Day 8: Room Ready Checklist

  • DAY 9: Tuesday: Repair Day

  • Day 9 Action Steps

  • Day 9 Repair Plan Worksheet

  • Day 9: Suggested DIY Projects

  • DAY 10: Wednesday: Curb Appeal

  • Day 10 Action Steps & Resources

  • Day 10: Suggested Curb Appeal Projects

  • DAY 11: Thursday: Staging Your Entryway

  • Day 11 Action Steps & Resources

  • DAY 12-14: Friday-Sunday: Curb Appeal & Landscaping

  • Day 12-14 Resources & Action Steps

Week 3 (Total Video Time 77:38)

  • DAY 15: Monday: Living Room & Family Room

  • Day 15 Action Steps

  • DAY 16: Tuesday: Dining Room

  • Day 16 Action Steps

  • DAY 17: Wednesday: Kitchen

  • Day 17 Action Steps

  • DAY 18: Thursday: Master Bedroom

  • Day 18 Action Steps

  • DAY 19: Friday: Bathrooms

  • Day 20 & 21 Weekend Action Steps

  • Day 19 Action Steps

Week 4 (Total video time 114:30)

  • DAY 22: Monday: Staging Your Spare Bedrooms

  • Day 22 Action Steps

  • DAY 23: Tuesday: Staging Awkward Spaces, Odd Shaped Rooms and Special Purpose Rooms

  • Day 23 Resources

  • DAY 24: Wednesday: Hallway, Closets & Laundry Room

  • Day 24 Resources and Action Steps

  • DAY 25: Thursday: Garage

  • Day 25 Resources and Action Steps

  • DAY 26-28: Friday: Home Staging Project Prep & Home Staging Weekend!

  • My Top 10 Home Staging & Styling Props

  • ossible Lifestyle Accessories for Each Room

  • Day 26-28 Slide Photo Credits

Week 5 (Total Video Time 22:21)

  • DAY 29: Monday: Final Checks/ Walk-Through/ Cleaning Day

  • Day 29 Action Steps

  • DAY 30: Tuesday: Photography & Open House Check!

  • Day 30 Action Steps

Exclusive Bonus!

  • 5 Simple Steps to a Well-Styled Home



Who Am I &
Why I Made This Course


I have been a home stager for the past 12+ years, before that, I was a buyer's agent working in San Francisco Bay Area. I started my business when I was 25, not knowing anyone working in the real estate industry. Most of my friends were unemployed or delivering pizza. I had zero network. I started Staged4more in my parents' garage and I grew the business into a 5,800 square feet commercial warehouse three years after I started working as a home stager. During my career, I had worked on about $500 million worth of real estate. 

I developed this course because I know not everyone has immediate access to home stagers, or you may not have the budget to hire a home stager. This course is a great overview of home staging and what you will need to do to get your house ready for market. You may not be able to accomplish everything you want in 30-days, but by doing and taking actions, you get one step closer to getting your home ready for sale.

Wishing you a very speedy and profitable sale!