"By the Divine Power Vested in Me, I Shall Sell Your House"

This is another blog of our Wednesday Series on: Can [this] sell the house?! Last blog we talked about if Feng Shui works, some say it works wonders and some say it is a total crock. Continuing in that thread, does St. Joe sell your house?!

Here is a little bit more background to Saint Joseph: " The custom hearkens back at least to the great St. Teresa of Avila (A.D. 1515 - 1582), foundress of the Disalced Carmelite Order. As her Order spread, a new convent had to be built, and in order for a new convent to be built, land must be had. When the nuns found a particular piece of land that was perfect for their purposes, they also found that their coffers weren't full enough to purchase it, so they decided to ask the intercession of St. Joseph, burying medals imprinted with his likeness in the ground of the desired property as a sign of their prayers. It worked.

It also worked for Blessed Brother André Bessette, who was able to get the land on which he built the Shrine of St. Joseph of Mount Royal, in Montreal, Canada by praying to St. Joseph and burying a St. Joseph medal on the grounds of the future site as a sign of his prayers.

Now, both of these events deal with acquiring land, not selling it, and they deal with St. Joseph medals, not St. Joseph statues. Nonetheless, over time, the folk custom came to be for sellers of homes to bury a statue of St. Joseph as a sign of prayer asking to find a buyer and hasten the sale." (http://www.fisheaters.com/stjoestatue.html)

Apparently 2 million statues of Saint Joesph are sold each year, what do you think? Desperate times call for desperate measures?